The 11th International Forum and Exhibition for Wet Milling & Industrial Biotechnology "Graintek-2019" on November 19-20, 2019

«Graintek» - specialized Forum on grain processing, industrial biotechnology and bioeconomy with production of gluten, starches and its derivatives, including glucose and fructose syrups, bioplastics (PDO, succinic, lactic and other organic acids) and other value added fermentation products from starch (glucose)

Some topics for discussion:

• Global trend: Biotechnology in grain processing and the production of "green" chemicals as value added fermentation products. 
• Engineering, construction and operation of plants for grain processing.
• High value added products from starch and glucose as feedstock: organic acids, bioplastics and chemicals. 
• Lysine and other aminoacids: production in Russia.
• Renewable chemistry in the chemical and oil industry. 
• Case study: grain processing projects in Russia. 
• Starches and wheat gluten: production, usage and marketing of native and modified starches.
• Glucose and glucose-fructose syrups: production, application and marketing. Domestic market perspectives.

This annual Forum & Exhibition is the premier event for any organization involved in the rapidly maturing industrial biotechnology & grain processing markets in Russia and in neighboring countries. This event provides valuable insight into today's most effective, innovative and profitable portfolio of grain processing opportunities as well as latest trends in value-added fermentation products. 
Becoming a sponsor or an exhibitor of the Forum will provide you with a unique opportunity to find partners, represent your company, products and services to the target audience.