The Vogelbusch company is one of the global player in designing and manufacturing of bioethanol factories. Vogelbuch has its own up-to-date technologies for each stage of ethanol preparation. Bioethanol technologies of Vogelbusch outstand with high output and quality of products and also they are differ from others in energy economy and environmental protection. These technologies are successfully used at factories of the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Vogelbusch equipment allows getting alcohol from a wide range of starch or sugar-containing substrates including wheat, grain, potato, derivative products of milling industry, sugar cane and sugar beet. It is possible to get each potable (additionally neutralized) high quality alcohol (bioethanol) and industrial (unhydrated) alcohol and fully hydrated alcohol for medical usage.

According to relevant substrate, byproduct presents the valuable dry distillery dregs.

Austrian company works in this industry since 1921 and offers a wide range of consulting services, designing and building of factories that deal with bioproducts (alcohol, yeast, organic acids, sugar substitutes) and biopharmaceutics. 110 people work in Viennese head office. Offices in Houston, Texas, Hong Kong and China help to control international activity of the company.