FS development

Feasibility study (FS) includes written marketing research and value engineering research results demonstrating the reasonability and possibility of project execution.

FS helps to find the most effective organizational, technical and economic decisions for putting into operation new production facilities.

FS consists of the following parts:

  • Specification of source data for a project and design package (including standards applied, map data, references etc.)
  • Preliminary design analysis
  • General technical solutions on the project, choice of in-line equipment, raw materials and materials for the project
  • Development of preliminary table of quantities, equipment, raw materials and materials for the project
  • Evaluation of basic requirements to equipment, raw materials, systems, quality, safety etc.
  • Development of general procedures to projects (designing, delivery, building, enumeration and preparation of documentation etc.)
  • Preliminary choice of the list of suppliers
  • Economical effectiveness of technological decisions made assessment
  • General commercial value of the project