Manufacturing automation

The level of technological design of facilities has brought about advancements in its technical development for some time past. Technological concepts that underlie the present-day production are well proved and economically reasonable. Nevertheless, the level of technological process still falls behind in one important sphere – automatization of technological processes of production.

In cooperation with long-standing partners, the NPK Ekologia company is ready to offer its clients the effective solutions with regard to automatization of technological process. Modern systems of automatization of technological processes designed by the NPK Ekologia company, offer the manufacturing control by reference to specific features of your technological process. Whether you need the automatization of technological process or a system of production automatization on a turnkey basis, our engineers will provide you with the latest technological solutions with regard to automatization of technological processes.

We offer various and detailed techniques of production automatization for control of technological process and different software applications. Our company provides its customers the detailed technical assistance in the sphere of production processes automatization and arranges the process of designing of automatization systems from early stages to technological process initiation. The key feature of our company is that we apply progressive technologies in the sphere of processes automatization on your projects.

The system of automatization of technological process allows you to control all your parameters of the process, to eliminate human errors and guarantees the higher level of final product quality.

Advantages of enterprise automatization consist of the following:

  • reduction of production cost
  • increase in industrial statistics
  • improvement of product quality
  • safety and industrial coordination improvement
  • centralization of operation procedure
  • data collection of technological process and decrease of standing time

15 years of experience in industrial engineering of automatization systems, the NPK Ekologia company offers you extensive variety of process automatization and data control services that cover all stages of technological designing and building of the factory.